Intro Edit


The Rex

The Aranka and Rex are high level NPCs that reside in zone 10 (around Delfos and Melock). They are very dangerous to newer players, as they are very fast and are hard to kill . They make a poor farming choice as they drop diamonds yet give around 1500 EP, NPCs in zone 8 offer near similar exp for less damage and more reward over time.

Merchant subs should take caution when moving around in this area, as the stations are few and far apart and have plenty of these fast and nasty fish in between. Cadet subs should not even enter this place to begin with, unless they don't mind being destroyed over and over again. However, the commodities (especially Beryllium) can be sold for high prices if transported to the beginner area, where they sell for 138 cel per unit.

Stats (Aranka and Rex respectively) Edit

Damage 950-1100

HP: 20 000

Cel: 600-700


Helix: 1-2

Aggressive: Yes