The Battle-ZoneEdit

The Battle-Zone is an official area on the Deepolis Map, marked obviously by the diagonal red lines on the bottom right of the map. In the Battle-Zone, you may be attacked anywhere, at any level, and at any area, even right on top of a station, even if you have a protection seal. You can not sell Commodities; only the Raw Materials that drop from the various high level (80+) creatures that roam the Battle-Zone. There are three stations there, one for each race: The Scion's Ulmy, the Nauten's Piod, and the Jafnhar's Krid, which is the most southward of the three.

This is wrong protective seals do not work in the bz (battle zone)

The "Diamond" AreaEdit

Doesnt Exist and diamonds can be found all over the map

-I disagree, there are many areas you will never find a diamond. There are npcs with diamonds in wreckage, but mostly you will find them roughly west of the line from Melock to Hartan, in highest concentration near Nijam.

Edit: Zone 11 has primarily diamond floatsm, occurring with relative frequency and density, the NPC's contain a fair portion of diamonds however their ratio is not entirely diamond. ~ElMeiser

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