The Manticore X is the upgraded version of the lvl 15 manticore. Its compaions are Patron x and Omikron x. It's counterparts are the Tydeus X and Merkur X.

Manticore x


manticore x looks the same as manticore but is black colored instead of whiteish. in case you havent seen manticore hears the description. the sub resembles a attack submarine version of the dsv-0/dsv-1 treiste(I) and treiste II, it also beares prehaps losest resembalance to the "iron coffin" the H.L.hunley the first submariene to sink a boat other than itself(4 sinkings: itself twice the uss housatonic then itself a third time about an hour later). it has 2 islands (the section on most submarines/any aircraft carrier that sticks up from the main hull or flight deck) one dead top center another in front. the submarine's engines unlike most subs in the game are half visible and appear to be hydrodynamic (think arodynamics but with water) versions of modern airplane turbojets, not to be confused with the concorde's, or turbofans (propellers would not be visible anyway and ram-jets require another engine to jump start them as thay have no moving parts) the sub is the 3rd largest in the nauts arsenal behind skonos and warmaran and possibly the nasskarr gates mystery submarines. Strangely, this sub has the same speed as others from it's trio.


This sub has the 2nd largest cargo room of the nauts arsenal, tieing with Warmaran and surpassed by Skonos (and possibly the nasskarr gates subs). Its also the best armored at h/sp 36,000 of the nauts x class. It is also fast, at 1000 stock speed and gives a fair chance of escape. Upgrade it with turbines, and it goes up to 1300.


sonic cannons: 30 turbines: 30 hull upgrades: 55 (why the [dolphin chirp] dose it have the most hull upgrades of the x-class)

  • add on modules: 4
  • cargo bay: 500 (only skonos has more)
  • speed: 1,000 (warmaran and skonos tie)
  • h/sp :36,000
  • cargo expaners: n/a
  • sentrys: n/a