the photon torpedos are the universal items in the torpedo family. thay do not change no matter what clan your in. thay are pure fiction and unlike nauts normal torpedos do not exist in real life. all minus ice and lava do direct damage to hit points without having to kill the shield. all can be won in the lab with nasskarr debris

torpedo types/stats Edit

  • level I photon torpedo: this wepon is a yellow ball attached to what appers to be a nauts level 1 torpedo engine and small stableisers. it has 2 pointed objects on it that presumably are used to break an enemy players shield and cause direct damage to the hull. stats
    • damage: 750 (its weaker then the normal lvl 1 torpedo)
    • min level: 10
    • cost :300 cel

Photon torpedo 1

  • level II photon torpedo: it looks like lvl I but with larger shield penitrating point things. the yellow "pak-o-doom" is slightly oval shaped and 2.33x more destructive.
    • min level: 15
    • damage 1750
    • cost: 900 cel

Photon torpedo 2

  • level III photon torpedo: level II with the addition of 2 more pont things this time from the sides.
    • min level: 35
    • damage: 3500
    • cost 2,500 cel

Photon torpedo 3

  • elite photon torpedo: big dady of the normal photons this item is lvl III enlarged with 6 or 8 stableisers on moter.
    • min level 1
    • damage 7500
    • cost: 45 helix

Photon torpedo e

  • ice torpedo: it looks like the level II photon but its "package-of-doom" is white and well over 5x more destrctive. it will work well on lava monsters and freeze enemy players turbines (assuming decoys are not deployed). Slows them down by 90% for a short duration.
    • min level : 1
    • damage 10,000
    • cost 200 helix or nasskarr debris

Ice torpedo

  • lava torpedo: The lava torpedo‘s head is filled with artificial lava in order to cause an extremely high amount of thermal damage to enemies. costs 140 helix

Lava torpedo