Warmaran sx

The Warmaran SX is a step down from the Warmaran, available for 25,000 helix it is outclassed by the cheaper (but higher level required Omikron X)


This sub is designed to be a cheaper alternative to the Warmaran, however due to the lack of players, it is easier to obtain the Warmaran in auction for cheaper rather than purchasing the SX, which all around inferior to an Omikron X, available for 100,000 cel. Like the Leviathan SX, and Diablo SX, it is not recommended to get this sub.


Minimum level to purchase: 1

HP: 27,000 [24 hp regen, 90 SP regen]

Cargo: 250

Spd: 1,000

Hull slots: 50

Turbine slots: 45

Sonic Cannons: 45

Add ons: 3