Intro Edit

Zone 10 is an extremely dangerous zone for newer players and dangerous for stronger players. The NPC's here are aggressive, strong and fast, as well as making it a somewhat popular location to PVP. Entry into this zone is not recommended for players under level 15, or those who hit less than 1,000. Cargo here is valuable, but not worth the effort considering there is more valuable cargo in the adjacent zone north with higher density.

Fauna Edit

  • Crustax [36]
  • Makar [65]
  • Crustam [71]
  • Incubus [72]
  • Aranka [72]
  • Rex [75]
  • Astatine [70]
  • Ventessor [70]
  • Boss Incubus [50]

Damage here ranges from 280-1500, due to the extreme density of these NPC's, an improperly configured Diablo will sink here.

Bases Edit

Morca [Jafhnar]

Melock [Scion]

Delfios [Nauts]

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