Intro Edit

Zone 3 is a slightly intermediate zone, which like zones 2 and 1, the NPC's are not aggressive. Unlike the other zones, this one is very large, with bases few and far between.

Fauna Edit

This zone is relatively homogeneous, occasionally NPC's from Zone 9 will wander here and give a nasty surprise to newer players, though this occurs rarely, and happens near the zone borders only. Cargo here is relatively valuable and worth the farming effort.

  • Mythra [11]
  • Arkatos [15]
  • Branka [16]
  • Colossus [20]
Damage here ranges from 30-60
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*Warning: PvP is enabled here

Bases found here are

Serendo [Nauts]

Daleth [Naskaar gate]

Shiva [Jafnar] (Enter the PVP zone here)

Bristle [Scion]